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Oh my goodness – my amaryllis are incredible now! I promised to report back and I am so excited to share these pictures of my beautiful flowers.

A stunning red - Amaryllis 'Ferrari'

A stunning red - Amaryllis 'Ferrari'

Since my last amaryllis post, the flower stems of my ‘Ferrari’ have shot up to about 24″ tall and one stem has burst open with four huge 7″ blossoms. These flowers have been gorgeous for at least 10 days and they are STILL going strong, showing no signs of fading – just spectacular! And red – what an amazing shade of fire engine red or should I say Ferrari red – WOW! The photos do not do it justice. This one is a keeper for sure. The second stem is just beginning to pop now and promises to be equally as striking with four more beautiful blooms to open!

Amaryllis 'Blossom Bingo' looks like a beautiful water lily!

Amaryllis 'Blossom Bingo' looks like a beautiful water lily!

‘Blossom Bingo’ was an exciting surprise with beautiful 6″, fully double blooms. The flowers are a soft white with pink radiating from the tips down toward the base. Deep pink veins highlight each petal. The form of the flowers reminds me of a beautiful water lily! This flower stem has seven flower buds! Another keeper! I have never seen such a beautiful double amaryllis.

This flower stem of 'Blossom Bingo' holds 7 flowers!

This flower stem of 'Blossom Bingo' holds seven flowers!

‘Angelique’ is a bit of a disappointment so far but it was a smaller bulb and I was suspicious that it might not perform as well. This is one thing that is so true with these plants – the bigger the bulb, the better the flowering with more stems, more flowers, and larger flowers. There are 2 flowering stems from this bulb but there are only 3 flowers on the stem that has opened and these are quite small. They haven’t fully opened yet so maybe they’ll be more exciting in a few days. The flowers are a double white with petals tipped in blush pink. I am reserving judgment on this one for now.

'Ferrari', 'Blossom Bingo', 'Minerva', and just peeking out - 'Angelique'.

Amaryllis 'Ferrari', 'Blossom Bingo', 'Minerva', and just peeking out - 'Angelique'.

‘Minerva’ continues to bloom away! The blossoms on the first flower stalk eventually faded after almost 3 weeks but the second stem is now in full bloom with 6 beautiful flowers! The third stem is growing taller and should burst into bloom about the time the second has finished. I anticipate this one will be giving me blooms for close to two months!

I’m totally sold on amaryllis now, especially when I can get huge bulbs like these from our friends at Bloomaker! They seem to bloom forever and … the best part is that my kitties don’t seem to bother them! I can display them prominently in the window at the end of our kitchen table and enjoy them whenever we sit down to eat!

Until next time – Happy Gardening!

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