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Welcome to Viette’s Views – a great new gardening blog from your friends at Viette’s!

Yes, I know that gardening blogs are a dime a dozen but I am hoping that you will find this blog, full of advice and gardening wisdom from the Viette’s, well worth coming back to again and again.  I think you will enjoy the content and find it useful in your everyday gardening experiences or just simply entertaining to read. I will endeavor to write about seasonally relevant gardening chores, tips, and advice from Andre and Mark Viette and also throw in some fun gardening stories from the years and years of Viette gardening experiences and even some based on my own gardening exploits.

Set a bookmark this gardening blog! It will accentuate Andre’s motto:

Gardening should be easy ….

… But most of all Gardening should be FUN!

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